Casino Software

The foundation of any online casino is the technology that powers it. Because innovation, ease-of-use, and security are often the first things that people look for in an online casino, it is crucial that casino providers use reputable software companies for their platforms. Some developers have been associated with safe and fair games while others have gained a notorious reputation for running rogue casinos. With so many casino game developers, it can be quite helpful to know which ones are trustworthy and to understand what their unique strengths are.

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Trusted casino software companies

  1. Microgaming: stands out with its staggering number of slot games and variants. Being the pioneer of the industry with the launch of the first online casino in 1994, Microgaming now leads the online casino world.
  2. Playtech is one of the largest online game providers in the world, Playtech known for its exciting themes, friendly interface, and impeccable customer service. A publicly traded company since 2006, Playtech has been contributing to legalising online gambling all over the world.
  3. Net Entertainment differs itself by creating some of the most beautiful casino games out there. With a background in real-life casinos, NetEnt chose to stay out of running its own online casino to solely focus on providing excellent products for its clients.
  4. 888 Casino‘s proprietary software is one of the most powerful and cutting-edge in the industry. Since its development more than 20 years ago, 888 has been constantly upgrading the software to ensure it remains at the forefront of casino software.
  5. Cryptologic: Being utilised by some of the most reputable online casinos, Cryptologic’s core strength is its powerful and reliable software. Founded in 1995, Cryptologic was acquired by Amaya Gaming Group in 2012.

How casino software developers work

Initially, casino software companies concentrate only on developing games and licensing them out to different casino companies. Casino operators would contract other companies for additional services like website development, e-commerce solutions, and transaction security, to name a few. However, as software developers realise that they could extend their services into these sectors too, more companies are now offering a full-package solution, including helping operators obtain gambling licenses.

Casino software license fees vary across different developers and they often have a revenue-sharing model. This means that prices of the license packages will change according to the percentage of earnings that the casino agrees to pay back. This type of business relationship between software companies and casino operators created a co-dependency which motivates both parties to help each other out.

Game developers and the online casino industry

Some software developers have proved to be better and more reliable than others. Therefore, different casino companies often use the same software to cater to their customers’ gaming needs. Companies using the same software have the same collection of games.  Operators therefore often use multiple software providers, to achieve variety in their game repertoire.

However, even if casinos use the same software, the player experience can differ significantly based on other factors like the quality of the support team, website user interface, and how easy it is to deposit and withdraw money.

In terms of payouts, many prominent software companies set the rate to a default standard, making sure that players experience fair gaming while casino companies still make a profit in the long run. On the other hand, some developers allow casinos to set the payout rate themselves, with the intention of letting providers who use the same software to gain a competitive edge by offering higher payouts. However, in practice, these companies tend to prioritise profit and decrease payouts. This is why software companies like Realtime Gaming have a bad reputation for unfair gaming as they leave the operators to adjust the payout rate.

The online casino industry is made up of a symbiosis of parties with software companies focusing on developing games that will entice the market while casinos aim their attention towards marketing and improving user experience with excellent support, safe transactions, and website interface. As the lucrative online casino industry grows, each party must play its role well, concentrating on continually bettering their own area of expertise to ensure that they flourish together.