Online Slots Jackpots

Slot games are fun and entertaining, which is why they are always popular at casinos. Although you may increase your money with different successful symbol combinations, the real motivation in playing slots are the slots jackpots. Yielding the highest profits, especially with progressive jackpots, is the icing on the slots cake. For a chance at winning a life-changing jackpot, check out the top progressive online jackpot slots in 2017!

[Top Progressive Online Jackpot Slots 2017]

Where to play Mega Moolah online slots?

What is a slots jackpot?

When get the right combination of symbols on the reels of a slot machine, you will receive a large cash prize or payout. That’s the slots jackpot. Depending on the slots you play, some jackpots are at a fixed value while others will grow as wagers are made. Online casinos can offer better odds than their brick-and-mortar counterparts because more games are played and for a longer time. Add in the fact that land-based casinos have a much higher operation cost, it’s only logical that online jackpots have a higher payout percentage.

Unlock the online slots jackpot

In many slots games, you cannot win the jackpot by simply spinning the reels of the machine. Instead, you will trigger an off-the-reel bonus game when you get the right sequence of symbols on a spin. This is when things get exciting! Your next action on the bonus game will determine if you will win a life-altering cash prize or other bonuses with varying value. Whatever the result is from the bonus game, it’s always good news when it’s triggered.

Understand the different types of jackpots

Do you prefer to go slow but steady? Or have you set your sights on that enormous jackpot? To know which slots best fit your style, it’s important to understand what are the different types of jackpots at online casinos.

Traditional or regular jackpots are always at a fixed value, regardless of how many people are playing the slot or how often the jackpot has been won. These jackpots are smaller in value than their progressive counterparts, usually falling in the 4-digit range. The odds of winning them are higher, thus, giving a higher fixed gain.

A progressive jackpot is a grand cash prize which increases in value every time someone plays the game but does not win. A set percentage of the value of bets will feed the jackpot until it grows to potentially in the millions until a lucky player wins it. The jackpot will then reset to its original amount, then rising in value again until the next winner cashes it in.

For online slots games, there are three types of progressive jackpots. The standalone progressive jackpot slots are not linked to any other games with a single-game only jackpot. The value of the jackpot increases as players bet on the game until someone wins the jackpot. This type of progressive slots jackpot usually has the lowest payout. Another type of progressive jackpot slots is the in-house slots where a group of progressive slot games within the same casino operator are connected together. With numerous games linked up resulting in more players and a higher number of bets, the payout of this type of slots is higher than that of standalone slots. Finally, the third type of progressive slots, called network or wide area progressive slots, are slots that contribute to the same jackpot across different casino operators who share the same platform. They have the highest value of jackpot payouts, even up to the millions, as hundreds of thousands of bets are placed on multiple games.

The most popular jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are the most popular type of game in online casinos. Apart from their engaging nature and captivating graphics, the very enticing potential of winning the biggest jackpot makes it thrilling. Although the odds are slim, the sheer value of payouts can be so high that the appeal of jackpots is irresistible to many players.

For example, the biggest online slots jackpot ever won was an astonishing €17,879,645 by Jon Heywood playing on the popular Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot. Not far behind is NetEnt’s Mega Fortune game with three different progressive jackpots attached. Another one of NetEnt’s popular slot games with beautiful graphics is the Arabian Nights, famous for its high payouts of over €8 million. With such monumental amount of cash prizes up for grabs, who wouldn’t be tempted?

If your goal is to hit the big jackpot, you should first read the casino’s rules on jackpots because sometimes you must meet certain conditions, like a minimum bet or number of pay lines, to be eligible for winning the largest jackpot.


Even though there are many approaches to winning an online slots jackpot, there is no magic formula. Understanding how the different types of jackpots work will help you find the most suitable slot games for you. Whichever slot game you choose, you will need luck and determination to get your hands on that elusive jackpot!