Pay by Phone Bill

Even if you do not have a credit card or a PayPal account, there are other ways to deposit money on your casino account. One of the alternatives is the pay by phone bill, an option many casino players are not even aware of.

Gamblers who are considering an alternative to the traditional credit card or PayPal deposit options should pay extra attention while reading the information below, because we have created an overview filled with information about pay by phone. So, read on to discover all about it!

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How to Play Casino Games Online and Pay with Your Mobile Phone?

Those who want to play casino games on their phone, but do not want to give credit card information, PayPal information or other personal payment information, could use a so-called pay by phone casino. Instead of depositing with conventional payment options, you’ll pay for your games on your phone bill.

Of course, a pay by phone casino is more than just a casino that allows you to pay for your games on your mobile phone bill. Most pay by phone casinos are incredibly mobile-friendly. If your current casino does not offer much in respect of mobile bonusses, promotions or a friendly mobile user interface in general, switching to a pay by phone casino may be the advised step.

Top Casinos That Offer Pay by Phone services?

Since many gamblers like to keep their casino games mobile, there are many online casinos who jumped on the bandwagon and now provide the pay by phone bill option to their players. Of course, certain mobile casinos are better than others, so let us give you our top 3 for mobile phone casino games and the pay by phone bill payment option.

1. NetBet

Some online casinos have no problem evolving with modern times; this is certainly the case for NetBet – a large casino that has been around since 2001. Upon its launch, NetBet was one of the largest casinos, offering countless online slots and live casino games. Their success has not decreased though, because this casino is now the number 1 mobile casino!

Aside from their mobile features, NetBet has some extremely interesting promotions and welcome bonusses. So, if you have not registered yet with this well-established casino, it might be the time now! If you register, you might be able to benefit from first deposit bonusses, free spins and much more. Therefore, NetBet has deservingly obtained the number 1 spot in our list!

2. Casumo

Another casino that is counted amongst the best mobile casinos is Casumo. Aside from its outstanding mobile options, this casino stands out through its outstanding design, a large game selection of games and good customer service. Many gamblers also state that this casino is probably the most influential on the casino market today.

Casumo also has that interesting welcome bonus and free spin selection everyone is looking for. So, in addition to matching your initial deposit, you’ll also get a total of 200 free spins to play with. These promotions on their own are good reasons to consider Casumo.

3. mFortune

The number 3 spot in our list deservingly goes to mFortune casino, the first casino created by InTouch Games. The casino provides similar benefits to Casumo and NetBet, but stands out a little more thanks to the completely original slots you won’t find anywhere else. So, if you prefer the slot machines when you play on a mobile casino, mFortune is the way to go!

What Are the Benefits of Paying Via Phone Bill?

There are many benefits connected to using a pay by phone bill option, so let us examine the main ones to determine if this payment option fits your requirements.

  • Convenient

Gamblers who choose to pay by phone bill won’t have to create an account with payment providers such as PayPal or Skrill. Therefore, the most convenient option for players who do not have an e-wallet is probably the pay by phone option.

  • Safety

Paying by phone bill could be safer too, since you are not required to enter any bank information and submit it to your casino. Cyber-attacks on casinos are not unusual, despite the security measures they have in place. However, if you use the pay by phone option, the only information hackers will receive is your phone number.

Not having to submit e-wallet or credit card information also has its benefits for your privacy. When you use a phone bill payment, the receiver of that payment will not see vital information such as payment location. Therefore, if you value your privacy, pay by phone could be your recommended deposit method.

  • Accessibility

Since pay by phone can be used by most mobile phone users, the casino will be accessible no matter where you are and what you are doing. So, if you are in a waiting room and need something fun to do, simply deposit with pay by phone for a couple of fun hours!

What Are the Additional Fees of Pay by Phone?

The additional fees accompanying pay by phone can vary by casino, but also by mobile phone service provider. If unsure, always check with your mobile casino or call your service provider for a detailed overview of potential extra costs.


Pay by phone has many benefits for gamblers, so it is an option you are bound to use in the future. However, there are some additional denominators gamblers must consider; this includes a low deposit limit. You’ll also have to consider the way you’ll withdraw any winnings, considering you cannot withdraw on your phone bill. However, you can choose a check withdrawal for your winnings instead, providing you don’t mind waiting a little longer for it. If you want your money quicker, you might still need a Skrill or PayPal account connected.