Progressive Slots

Unlike normal slots games with fixed values of jackpots, progressive slots offer a dynamic bounty that rises in its amount every time a player makes a bet on the game but does not win. The progressive jackpot keeps getting bigger until a lucky winner cashes it out, resetting it back to its base value. Progressive slots can be standalone games where the jackpot grows from bets made on that particular game, or they can be a network of slots sharing the same pool of cash prize across different casino operators and multiple games.

While normal slots do offer better odds at winning the jackpots, they are usually not life changing and within the thousands. On the contrary, progressive slots jackpots often go up to hundreds of thousands and sometimes even to the millions, giving an extremely lucky winner the opportunity to completely change his or her life. Many casinos, both online and land-based, have different progressive slot games with the jackpot being updated live on the website or at the venue. Bear in mind that most slots games on the internet are not progressive, so make sure that you go to the “progressive slots” category if you want to have a go at winning a life-altering bounty.

Where to play Mega Moolah online slots?

Main progressive slots with the biggest jackpots

When it comes to progressive slots, not all are made equal. Because of its cumulative nature, the more popular progressive games have bigger jackpots that grow at a faster rate. Here are some of the highest-reward progressive slot favorites on the internet:

  1. Microgaming’s most prominent progressive slot, Mega Moolah, is known as “The Millionaire Maker” because the minimum payout is £1 million although most wins far exceed just one million. The largest online slot jackpot ever won so far was a staggering €17,879,645 on Mega Moolah. This exciting 5-reel 25-payline progressive slot comes in four different themes of Wild Africa, Egyptian, American, and Holiday. Unlike most other slots where you can unlock the jackpot by landing on the right combination of symbols to trigger the bonus game, Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot bonus game is set off randomly. However, the odds of activating the bonus game gets better the higher your bet amount is. Once you have prompted the bonus game, you will get to spin a wheel with four types of jackpots: mini, minor, major, and the much sought-after mega jackpot. Whichever category your spin lands on, that is the type of jackpot you win.
  2. Playtech based the Gladiator Jackpot progressive slot on the eponymous film. True to the theme, the game is action filled with stunning visuals and impressive soundtracks. The progressive jackpot is unlocked by triggering the Gladiator Jackpot Bonus feature, which will appear when you get three Gladiator wild symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. You will win the life-changing progressive cash prize if you reveal nine gold helmets, but only if the bonus game is triggered from the base game. Since 2013, the average payout per win for this jackpot is €1,139,479 and is cashed out about every 14 weeks.
  3. The Marvel progressive jackpot is an extremely popular series of games powered by two of the leading casino software providers: Playtech and Cryptologic. This series features a linked jackpot across different games based on superheroes in the Marvel universe, giving you the opportunity to win big with a variety of games. After completing a spin, an off-reel bonus round with 20 tiles randomly appear, awarding you one of four different jackpot. Simply uncover the tiles one by one, until you have reached three of the same jackpot, which will be what you win. The Ultimate Power Jackpot is often over a million, with the biggest payout of $1,378,389 in 2011.
  4. As the name suggests, Major Millions is a progressive slot with a military theme. It comes in two versions of classic three reels and video 5 reels which contribute to the same progressive jackpot. This slot differs from many others today with its crude graphics and straightforward gameplay, which may be why many people find it refreshingly appealing. The real beauty of the game, though, lies not in its appearance but its generous payouts. The jackpot is often north of €400,000 and sometimes even reaching the 7-digit range. The key to the jackpot is landing three Major Millions Wild symbol on the final payline, so the third payline for the classic version and fifteenth for the 5-reel game. If this happens, you will walk away with a momentous cash prize.
  5. If you are looking for something low-risk but high-reward, then Microgaming’s King Cashalot will be perfect for you. King Cashalot is one of the most popular progressive slot games on the internet with a long track record and offers players a chance to win a big bounty with low wagers. This 5-reel and 9-payline game features a medieval theme with scatters, wilds, multipliers, and a bonus game to win cash prizes. Although the initial value of its progressive jackpot starts at a low $100,000, it builds up very rapidly and has been cashed in with over a million dollars in value several times. To win the progressive jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount and hit five King Cashalot symbols on the ninth payline.

Progressive slots in online casinos

Although both online and land-based casinos offer attractive progressive slot games, there are some differences between the two. For one, you will have to dress up and physically get to a brick-and-mortar casino to try your luck on a progressive slot machine. In contrast, you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to play in an online casino. However, the biggest appeal of online progressive slots is that many games are plugged into one network shared across many different casinos, all contributing to one progressive jackpot that grows at an extremely fast rate. Despite the fact that some machines in offline progressive slots are also linked together, they simply cannot match the sheer volume that a networked online progressive slots jackpot can produce. This means that progressive slots jackpots in online casinos not only grow more quickly, players will also experience a higher frequency of hits.

Mobile progressive slots

Progressive jackpot slots really took off with online casinos. Without the limitations of physical settings, game developers are able to link more games together seamlessly. Now, with the introduction of mobile versions of online casinos, even more games feed into the same existing progressive jackpots, taking the concept to an even higher level. Although mobile game selections are usually more limited than their full-blown online counterparts, a range of favourites is often included. As the demand for quality progressive slots while on the go increases, software developers and casino operators are expanding their collection of mobile progressive slots. There is no doubt that mobile progressive slots will eventually be an integral part of the casino industry.

Progressive slots tips and tricks

The enticement of cashing in on a massive amount of money large enough to change the course of your life is almost irresistible. Progressive slots certainly hold this kind of allure, which explains the high number of players from all over the world. Although there is no set formula to win at progressive jackpot slots, there are certain steps that you could take to make your odds better.

Every progressive jackpot has its own set of rules so it is crucial that you understand them clearly before betting your money. You must meet certain conditions to be eligible for winning the progressive jackpot like betting at the maximum amount, highest paylines, and playing from the base game. Understand that some jackpots need to be unlocked with an off-reel bonus game while others have a set combination of symbols on the reels for winning the bounty. This knowledge will help determine if you should aim for triggering the bonus game or try to land on the jackpot combination on the reels. You should strive to play as often as possible because the point is to put in as many spins as you can before the jackpot is won.

While hitting a progressive slot jackpot is utterly rare, it is not completely out of reach. Everyone has an equal chance at it and all you need is just one spin that counts. Eventually, someone has to win the jackpot. So head to one of our recommended slots casinos and take your chance?