Responsible Gaming

There can be some risks when you place a bet with online casino; this is why it pays off to be well-informed about responsible gaming and the casinos that are most protected. To help you play responsibly, here are some of the key facts you should know!

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Safety of Online Casinos

Not all casinos are safe and secure, because some don’t have the license to run their operation or don’t have a website that is fully secured. To ensure you are playing with a safe online casino, always look for the appropriate licenses and determine what security measures are in place to protect your information and your money.

You shouldn’t automatically trust online information, which is why you could check the validity and safety of an online casino by checking online reviews.

Licensing for Casinos

To obtain and keep a license to operate as an online casino, the casino in question must meet and maintain the license conditions. We do need to mention that license regulations can vary according to the country where the license is obtained. Therefore, always check the regulating body of a casino before you register.

Random Number Generating

To make sure that games run fair, casinos must use a random number generator. However, there is a difference between true random numbers and pseudorandom numbers. Therefore, there has been some controversy surrounding certain casinos and whether they truly use “random” numbers.

Casino Auditing

Gamblers can truly have peace of mind when a casino had an independent audit. An independent audit includes a thorough review by a highly-experienced team, who will look at every aspect of a casino and give detailed feedback to the casino in question. An independent audit also enables the casino to protect their players better, so be sure to check if an audit has been executed for your online casino.

Recommended Safe Casinos

To help you on your way, we have created a brief overview of casinos that are safe to play on.
If you haven’t found a safe casino yet, here are two of our top recommendations:

  • Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune is one of the most trusted casinos on the internet. Ruby Fortune takes every precaution to protect the information of players, but also their money. The online casino has an advanced layered security system and SSL digital encryption. The casino only uses trusted payment systems as well. They also have a 24/7 dedicated call centre, which you can contact at any time if you believe your security has been breached.

  • Jackpot247

Jackpot 247 guarantees a safe gaming experience by providing gamblers with options such as deposit limits and an encrypted play system. Jackpot247 is also fully licensed and is currently regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

Avoid Rogue Casinos

A rogue casino is also referred to as a blacklisted casino. It is a casino that doesn’t provide you with the right protection and is operating illegally. Rogue casinos are known for slow payments, not paying out winning, cheating, bogus licencing, software piracy and more. Therefore, when a casino ends up on the rogue list, be sure not to register for it!

Gambling Addiction

Your safety is just one aspect of responsible gambling, because gambling addiction is also a problem gamblers could be dealing with. To ensure gambling addicts can get help when they find themselves on an online casino, casinos are obligated to display information for gambling addicts; this usually includes contact information for gamblers anonymous and other helpful volunteer services.

Over 18 Gaming

Naturally, players under the age of 18 cannot play with an online casino. To ensure underaged players cannot get access to casino games, casinos must put safeguards in place to prevent underaged players from joining. If this safeguard is not in place, you might be dealing with a rogue casino.


Even though there are many safeguards in place to protect gamblers, not all gamblers look for these safeguards before they register for a casino. This could be quite dangerous, because even if you don’t add any money to your account, the casino will have your personal information and could sell this on to third parties.

Before you register with any casino, be sure to check online reviews as well. There are also dedicated websites that will list blacklisted casinos and state the reason why that casino was placed on the list. We will also place such lists on the website in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for our new list with blacklisted casinos.

Have you been conned by a rogue casino? Be sure to report this to the police, who has a special unit to deal with online fraud.